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The manufacturing industry has clearly understood that maintenance (PM) is a key issue, a precondition for efficient, sustainable service delivery in the future. Progress in the technologies required by PM is swift and significant.

Technics and Standardization

The chairpersons of the fluid power standardization section provide an overview of current activities and projects (as of February 2019).
The Marktstammdatenregisterverordnung (MaStRV) specifies the reporting obligations of all market players as well as the network operator audits. The significant sanctions for infringements of the Regulation are particularly explosive.
The information day "Fluid Technology - Technology and Standardization" took place on 27 February 2019 in Frankfurt. Around 100 participants informed themselves about current topics.
ISO published ISO 18582-2 in November 2018. It structures pneumatic products into classes and defines property definitions for them.
Overview of standards and draft standards of NAM/Fluid Power and other relevant standards (DIN, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, DIN ISO, VDMA, ISO)

Legal Regulations

The times in which REACH and RoHS were foreign words for mechanical and plant engineering are over. In addition, the customer increasingly wants the so-called "REACH, RoHS or material compliance" to be confirmed.
CETOP has adapted the CETOP position paper PP 04 on the Pressure Equipment Directive to the Directive 2014/68/EU under the auspices of the VDMA Fluid Power Association.
Products with potential ignition sources that are used in potentially explosive areas must meet the ATEX Directive. This position paper by the Fluid Power Association at VDMA applies to the use of mechanical seals in compressors subject to the ATEX Directive and is intended to support compressor manufacturers in the use of mechanical seals.
The VDMA Position Paper serves as a guide and gives an overview of the application of the machinery directive, which came into effect from Dec. 29th 2009, to parts or components for fluid power applications.
Jörn Dürer
Jörn Dürer
Fluid Power: Standardization and Technology, European Directives
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Dr. Christian Geis
Dr. Christian Geis
Fluid Power: Standardization and Technology, Sealing Technology, DIN NAM Department Fluid Power (Basis, Pneumatic, Sealing Technology)
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Peter-Michael Synek
Peter-Michael Synek
Deputy Managing Director of VDMA Fluid Power Association, Deputy Managing Director Forschungsfonds Fluidtechnik, Project Manager Mechatronic, Managing Director Förderverein Mobile Arbeitsmaschinen e.V.
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20th ISC – International Sealing Conference Stuttgart, Germany 2018

At the 20th ISC Sealing Conference in Stuttgart, 283 participants from 18 countries informed themselves about the latest findings in sealing technology.