Foreign Subsidiaries

The foreign offices in Kolkata, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai and São Paulo act as a hub between government bodies, associations and companies.

Management Meetings

China will be a growth market for German companies in 2018 Nearly 50 high-level professionals of German companies in China attended the 15th China Management Meeting on 4th June in Suzhou, this time it was a joint event by VDMA Power Transmission Engineering, Fluid Power and Textile Machines.
Sylvia Grohmann-Mundschenk
Sylvia Grohmann-Mundschenk
Fluid Power: Economic Issues (Market Observation/Market Information); General Secretary-CETOP European Fluid Power Committee
+49 69 6603-1319
+49 69 6603-2319
Stefanie Inoue
Stefanie Inoue
Fluid Power: Assistant Economic Issuses, CETOP
+49 69 6603-1201
+49 69 6603-2201