Working Groups

This working group comprises the manufacturers of mechanical seals, who meet to discuss technical or economic topics.
With the Sealing Sheets Working Group the manufacturers of sealing sheets and gaskets organised a communication platform on their own 2003. Their products are installed in the complete mechanical engineering and plant construction industry.
With the inception of the Fluid Seals working group in 1996 – which, to be more exact, comprises seals for fluid power applications, i.e. hydraulic and pneumatic applications – the desire for a dedicated platform within the scope of the Fluid Power trade association in VDMA was fulfilled.

International Sealing Conference (ISC)

Because of the coronavirus and the circumstances and measures associated with it, the 21st International Sealing Conference on October 7 and 8, 2020 has been cancelled. The research activities in the VDMA and FVA are continuing and already prepared ISC contributions can be published in cooperation with organizers and media partners.

Society for the Promotion of Sealing Technology

Seals are sensitive components of all technical products. This applies especially to pneumatically and hydraulically powered products in fluid power. Seals are always located in the most critical positions – at the joints between products. Most are small, inconspicuous and invisible, yet they are still irreplaceable high-tech products that have to be constantly adapted to changing requirements.


“Innovative Sealing Technology” brochure including list of suppliers (VDMA members)
The “Innovative Sealing Technology – efficient and environmental aware” brochure contains information on VDMA’s activities in the field of seal technology. Alongside editorial contributions of a scientific nature, it includes manufacturer documentation for fluidpower seals, sealing sheets / gaskets and mechanical seals.
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Dr. Christian Geis
Dr. Christian Geis
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